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9:00AM Worship Service

Every Sunday

200 E.1st Ave, Indianola, IA

Christian Marriage

A Christian marriage is a covenant in which a couple enters into a lifelong, permanent relationship. Jesus Christ plays an integral role in bringing the couple into a deeper level of love and commitment. It is important that both the man and the woman approach this covenant as followers of Jesus, each having a personal relationship with Christ as expressed in the New Testament.


Weddings are a ministry to our members rather than a civil service. We have a pastoral concept of the entire wedding process that includes laying a strong spiritual, emotional and financial foundation for your relationship. We accomplish this goal through our premarital mentoring program and by having you meet with a caring pastor. Statistics show that couples who participate in a strong premarital program have stronger, healthier and more fulfilling marriages. You must be willing to complete our premarital mentoring process. If a pastor is concerned about the timing of the wedding or the readiness of the couple to be married, it is within his discretion to withdraw as the officiating pastor.


The premarital mentoring program costs $150, which covers the Prepare/Enrich program, administrative costs, and sessions with marriage mentors and pastoral staff.

Bride Previously Married?
Groom Previously Married?

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